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City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review

Advertised to give you younger looking eyes in just four weeks, City Cosmetics’ new eye cream, City Views, is gaining popularity.

Wanting to know if City Views is any different than other eye creams, I looked into the three main ingredients of the product.

Argireline is a synthetic hexapeptide proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 30% upon 30 days.[1] It is also said to prevent the development of new wrinkles.

Retinyl is a vitamin A-based retinoid that minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles by inhibiting collagen breakdown.[2]

Research shows retinyl improves fine wrinkles over the course of 24 weeks.[3]

Matrixyl 3000 is a newer ingredient that City Cosmetics claims boosts collagen production and encourages healing by stimulating cellular renewal.[4] I couldn’t find clinical evidence to back these claims.

How Effective is City Views?

It’s difficult to say. While some of the ingredients look solid with proven research backing their use, some ingredients don’t have clinical backing.

Additionally, I couldn’t find many unbiased reviews of the product.

A lack of user reviews doesn’t mean City Views doesn’t work. However, I like seeing multiple reviews from ordinary people before I try a new skincare product.

Will City Views Cause Side Effects?

None of the ingredients I research appear to have serious side effects. That being said, if you have sensitive skin, you should consult with your dermatologist before trying this product.

How To Use City Views

According to the official website:

Apply City Views on a clean face both morning and night before going to bed.

After cleaning your face, dab the excess moisture away with a towel. Leaving your face just a little damp, (this will help to absorb the product) pat small dots of the cream all around your orbital bone, or “eye socket”.

For optimal results, make sure you apply it over your brow bone and not directly over your eyelid.[5]

Purchasing City Views

Currently City Views is exclusively sold at where one bottle sells for approximately $67 plus shipping and handling.

Final Thoughts on City Views

The product looks promising but I personally would like to see more user reviews on the product before I can recommend it.


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