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Dremu Oil Review

This product is based off the Australian bird, the emu. They claim that this miracle wrinkle reducer is the answer to your prayers. This company is unlike any other in the fact that it uses the emu as its inspiration. This could mean that it is either genius, or lack any substance whatsoever. They claim that this product can hydrate, calm and get rid of rough patches on your skin with the use of Vitamins A and E. This product costs $125.00 which is very expensive if you ask us.


Apparently, this product is made of only emu oil which makes us a bit skeptical. However, they claim that this is a good source of vitamins and that natives have been using it for years.

Side Effects

There really isn’t much research provided on emu oil other than it does provide vitamins to the skin. However, we are very skeptical of this ingredient because most people would have used it by now if it actually worked.


Overall, we don’t recommend Dermu Oil. Not only do they use an ingredient that hasn’t been proven to fight wrinkles, but they charge you an obscene amount for what they are giving you. They provide you with no research and no ingredients list on the product which we think is very unprofessional. There are plenty of other products out there that come with research and that fully disclose all information on their products. We recommend that you do a bit more research to find something that actually works for you. Compare ingredient lists and compare research findings. This product will only burn a hole in your pocket.

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