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OHT Peptide 3 Review

OHT Peptide 3 is a product apparently released just barely due to overwhelming demand from customers who feel that they need a good product. They focus on the idea of using only the best moisturizers for dry and damaged skin in general. But with their name, they obviously focus on the use of peptides, which would in most cases produce greater collagen and elastin production.

History of OHT Peptide 3

There is not a lot of information about OHT Peptide 3’s origins. But according to other sites we’ve seen, their sites have only been up for a few select years, and they haven’t had a significant number of sales as compared to the starting sales of some other companies. However, they have made enough to stay afloat obviously.


They focus a lot on the main ingredients. But they are found in largely limited amounts. Most of their other ingredients are meant to act as antioxidants to kill off free radicals on the skin and moisturize. Their peptides are actually some of the weakest, one being only a muscle relaxer and another being largely an anti inflammatory comparable to antioxidants and not actual wrinkle fighters.

Side Effects

There are quite a few harsh preservatives found in the OHT Peptide 3 formula. This means that you could actually experience redness, irritation, flaking, and sensitivity to the sun, even though they would make other claims.


We would not recommend using OHT Peptide 3. They use only the necessary to make certain basic claims like the fact that they use peptides. However, they don’t provide the benefits that would normally be associated with those claims. We would not recommend this product.

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